Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classic Doctor Who

A day wasted (for me, at least) is a day informed. Not necessarily about current events or usually anything integrally important to the flow of the world, but interesting to me and generally able to hold my attention for long enough that I waste a few hours on it.

Well, I wasted just about an entire day... on Doctor Who. I mean, that shouldn't sound terribly surprising. It's easy to waste a day watching The Doctor's adventures through space and time. But I spent my day a little differently. Being caught up with the series (I found out about and started watching Who when they were airing the end of the 6th season), I found a different facet of the show: Classic Doctor Who.

It was a long, spiraling descent from Twitter to Youtube to DW Confidential to Classic Who, but it happened. And it wasn't long before I was booting up Netflix and looking for that elusive title I had seen plenty of times before. I started... at the beginning. (It wasn't really the beginning.) I watched an entire 5 episode serial (The Aztecs) with the first Doctor before finding my way back to the internet.

Why didn't it explain anything? Who were these people with him? Why is he so creepy and devious (and not in the good guy way current doctors are)? Lucky for me, the internet answered my questions. Because not all (not many) of the episodes of Classic Who are actually on Netflix, and you'll need to search for a good portion of them. And of course this led to all sorts of pathways to watch Classic Who and lots of information on the series as a whole, which was all very nice, but I needed to see them.

Classic Who is great for any Doctor Who fan. It's a look into the origins of the current show, and a nice little insight into some of what's made the Doctor the Doctor. It is, however, a complicated and long series to jump into. And it has its own set of pacing and quality issues. (This and plenty of other shows, like Blake's 7, ran off of ₤5 budgets and scripts made of solid gold.)

So, if you're interested, check out some Classic Who. If not, no harm done. (Perhaps you'll check out New Who, though, because that's worth watching regardless.) Keep all this in mind, and enjoy some quality television!