Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking the Hand

So in the past few days I've done more than I expected to. (Consequently, that is also why I missed my last update.) I have, surprisingly, been white water rafting (crazy shit included), jumped off a big ass rock into a river (scary as hell, but fun), was on a boat (on a lake) for eight hours, went tubing, tried to wakeboard, and played a damn good game of bowling (that I decided to join on a whim).

Unfortunately, I got the biggest and most painful damn sunburn ever despite the layers of sunscreen I had on. A friend of mine helped me soak it in vinegar and god, that hurt worse than the sunburn itself. There were a lot of words said that night... 

But there ya go. A brief rundown of what's been going on for me. There is something in all of this that I do want to say a few words on, however. Opportunity. See, I'm not an outdoors kind of guy (which is immediately noticeable upon meeting me). I like the solitary indoor life. My problem is, I want to do stuff. And should the opportunity arise, I'm gonna fucking take it. I'll shoot for thrill and if I die, I die. I'm like an opportunity guy/adrenaline junkie combo, which is very dangerous. But oh so fun. 

That's the thing. Opportunity only comes every so often. I like to say that I took every opportunity possible. That I wasn't afraid or that I pushed through. That I didn't miss anything I didn't have to. Because that's what I want. The full experience. In my opportunities and in life. Don't turn anything down if you don't have to. 

"You can swim here if you want," said the rafting guide. We were on the flat waters. Did I jump out of the raft? Hell yeah I did. If he said I could do it, I did. And I regret nothing. Same with the boat. Tubing? Yep. Attempting wake boarding? That too. No regrets. I got the full experience. I didn't want to miss anything, and that's how it should be. 

Opportunity only extends its hand here and there. When's the next time I'll get the chance to white water raft? Probably not for a long long while. Next chance I get though, I'll be taking as well. Cause that was fun. It also makes me want to do more. Like, I want to jump; skydive, base jump, bungie jump, cliff jump... All of it. Pairasailing, hang gliding, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and everything. I wanna do everything. 

Despite the consequences, sometimes grabbing that hand and taking the opportunity head on is the best thing to do. Experiences will make you happier than any items can, and by taking the opportunities given to you on life, you can retire happily with a pretty much covered bucket list. Cause you already took the opportunities as they came. 

So take the hand. Go for it. Don't let our opportunity pass you by, but grab them and fly with them instead.