Saturday, December 1, 2012

2013 Reading/Writing Challenge

I have set forth a challenge for myself for the next year. Almost every writer could tell you that writing every day is a big deal, and for me, so is reading. So I've devised a system for next year. There will be no days off, and no slacking off. As follows:

I will write at least 500 words of fiction every day for the entire year, excluding November and December. That means that by next November I should have a first draft for a novel. Come November, I will do NaNoWriMo again, the goal being to write a whole novel in the month. December will be the one month of the year that I will break from writing, assuming that I completed my November goal. If I have not, I will finish the novel from the previous month in December.

Also, I will read at least one chapter in any of the genres I am writing each day. This gives me mobility as to what I read, but also forces me to set time aside to read each day. I am free from this challenge during the month of November, as NaNoWriMo will consume my normal reading time. However, I am not exempt from the challenge in December, and I must continue to read through the month of December even though I am not writing.

Hopefully this keeps me well underway to finishing what I start and my goal of one day becoming a published author. I'll end up with at least two first drafts by the end of the year and will have read at least 335 chapters by the end of the year.