Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Learning Experience

So, lately I've been thinking. About what I'm writing. A lot, actually, with Nano coming up and all. Now of course, I already have a story with a world and a map and everything all ready. It's other ideas popping into my head. It's funny, because a lot of the people I know that write have the issue of little to no ideas. My issue? I've got so many ideas I can't keep up with them, and so I get bored when I start writing one.
When I get bored writing something, I pass it over and it ceases to exist until I discover it again, usually some years later. It's sad, because some of my good ideas got passed over like that. I hope one day I'll be able to look back and say that I used all of those ideas. Wouldn't it be nice to look back and see you haven't wasted ideas? Or time? Or relationships?
Think about that--wasted relationships. How many friends have you had or acquaintances have you met that have been nothing more than civil niceties and small talk? Or that were deeper friendships, maybe even romantic relationships that didn't quite amount to much?
Make something out of every moment. Don't waste a day. Don't let your relationships with people be pointless. If nothing else, make them a learning experience. Make your relationships meaningful!