Sunday, September 23, 2012

Passing Time

What is Time, if not just a number we see on clocks? What is this idea that we as humans have created and dubbed “Time”? It is obviously not a heavenly thought, but an earthly one; not made by God, but by man.

Time exists for a single reason. We, as humans, crave knowledge. We could never just be. No, we need a method of measurement; of remembering; of knowing. In fact, knowledge is what any and every person seeks, consciously or not. Without it, we would have no purpose; no direction.
Imagine a world where no man knew more or less than another. We, as people, could never maintain such a balance. We have developed a sense of individualism and freedom that has taught us not only to scorn others, but to embrace our own greed. It has told us the more we know, the more we will have, and if we have more, we will worry less.
In truth, the more we are given, the more we desire. Our tastes grow accustomed to the things we are given, but when they are again taken from us, we balk at what is left. We are a race who is never satisfied; never pleased; never full.

So, why waste Time being hungry? Why absolve yourself to inaction? Instead, take up your life and walk. Don't fear the world because you know or have less than another. Don't falter in your step because someone with more speaks lowly of you. It's greed speaking. As long as they have more than you do, they will scorn you. When suddenly the tables are turned, though, will you scorn them? Will you be another example of humanity’s greed and lust? Or will you prove that we exist for more?

You are called. Look higher; dream bigger; attempt greater. If we created Time in the first place, then we have the power to use it.