Friday, February 7, 2014

Peace With Mortality

Mortality is something I talk about (or at least think about) often. There are a lot of different facets of it to ponder. And I believe it is healthy for any person to think about (at least) their own mortality. Because it isn't something that can be easily ignored, and every person needs to come to grips with it. It's an inevitability of the way we are, and a limitation to what we can do. 

The saddest part, to me, is not that we will die (which we will). But, instead, is the fact that we are limited. We have only a certain amount of time to achieve the goals we set out to achieve. So many waste it, and they don't realize until it's too late that they're time is not infinite. They will not exist forever. And therefore they do not have forever to achieve their dreams.

I still struggle to come to terms with this fact. I want to do a lot of things before I pass. And I realize that I will never know when I will die until it happens. I also realize that until then, there is no need to worry about death itself. It will come, and I will follow. End of story. 

But with the amount of goals that I set for myself, it concerns me that perhaps I am not working as hard towards them as I should. Perhaps I am not giving myself enough credit or time (or both) to accomplish (or start accomplishing) the things I'm aiming for. If I bide my time for too long, I could end up just another body on the pile. Another wasted soul receptacle who accomplished nothing but surviving for x amount of time. Hurray.

What I wouldn't give to be one of those to transcend the trappings of society and humanity, who pushed past the worthless factors within themselves to become those who achieved. The expansive "hall of fame" of remembered achievers, never forgotten so long as their legacy survived. To be admitted into those halls, and to have accomplished what I set out to. I can imagine no greater last thought than the thought of contentment at the fact that I accomplished my goals, and even more. No feeling compares to the feeling of accomplishment. To the feeling that you achieved. That you rose above yourself and became what you wished you could be. 

And that is my challenge. To myself, and to you, reader. Transcend your mortal entrapments. Escape self-doubt. Laziness. Procrastination. Lies. Self-contempt. All of it can (and will) only hold you back. An end is coming, at a speed none can predict. And far greater it is to leave this world having ascended into the halls of the remembered than to survive to be thrown into the piles of the forgotten.