Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm full of ideas for blog posts, but it always takes an undue amount of effort to sort out my loose thoughts and structure them into sensible words. It's almost as though my ideas are a waterfall and I stand at the bottom with a plastic cup trying to catch all of them. For some reason they always end up spilling over or not filling the the cup enough. It's difficult to get the right amount of an idea. I find myself thinking for days how great one of my ideas are, and then when I try and capture that idea into words it doesn't actually match up. 

That stands for every idea; not just blog posts. Be that in writing or life in general. I imagine a world whose magic is fueled by the hearts of deceased dragons; then when I write it I suffer through pages of cliches until I abandon the idea. I think--for once--to go for the girl; and then am left to wander when she chooses someone else anyways. I come up with an entire world on the brink of full scale war; and suddenly I am lost as to where the plot should go. I think I can make a career from a hobby; and am confronted with fears so great that I'm unsure I could accomplish it.

If you can't tell, I have a lot of ideas. And most of them fall through in the end. It's why I'm not published yet, or even have anything finished writing-wise. And life-wise that's why I'm such a mess. I have this insane lack of ability to finish. Perhaps, though, overcoming that will be the reason I continue doing what I do. Perhaps the feeling of "I finished this" will push me onward to greater tasks than before.