Saturday, November 17, 2012


Oh my god, people. I’m a little delayed on the announcement; but I won Nanowrimo! For the first time! I hit 50,000 words around 1:15 this morning. It was a crazy adventure trying to finish so early, but I did it. There were several points where I almost quit (again) but the wonderful wrimos (people that do Nanowrimo, if you didn’t know) here in Alabama pushed me through. I’m very grateful for their encouragement and look forward to spending more time writing with them. One of them even said they’d bake a cake if I hit 50k! My fingers and wrists kind of hurt now, but that’s alright. It was totally worth it.
You see, I’m going on a trip for the next week so family will probably prevent me from getting away to write a ton. So that leaves me to have to have won before I left. It’s all good now, though, because now I’m a Winn3r! (Somebody tell me they caught the play on my name there...)

My story is far from finished, though, and I probably won’t go back and edit it. It was more of a practice round anyways. I’m preparing myself to write something besides high fantasy—no matter how much I love it. We’ll see where that takes me, though, as high fantasy has always been my returning point when it comes to writing.
Anyways, I bid you all adieu for now. I will speak with you all about something else surely more interesting at some later point in time. Until then!

P.S. Quitting is for quitters, but cake is for winners!